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"A five-step guide to winning the battle in our minds so we can embrace God's incredible love and grace every day."

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I'm excited to share this powerful five-step framework that God is using to transform me and others. We can develop the trust to put Christ first, abide in Him and sail on course even through the stormy times of life.

We're using a sailing theme in this 48-page guide to cruise through the following five steps . . .

Dare to Live Fearlessly - I practice thanking and trusting God with little problems throughout my day, then I'll be ready when a crisis comes my way.

Define What Matters - I list each area of my life that is a high priority, then I surrender it to Christ and His authority.

Describe the Vision - I visualize each are of my life as an island filled with the love and grace of Christ, then I sail with Him to fulfillment, purpose and ultimately to paradise.

Determine the Score - I take a virtual cruise to my islands and examine how I'm doing on each one, then I turn any gaps over to Christ and see how renewal has begun.

Do and Become - I take deliberate action to align my islands with God's loving commands, then my faith grows and my life fits perfectly into His plans.

Once you've completed these five steps to grow in your relationship with Christ, you'll be ready with a powerful tool to help others do the same.



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